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examen benoeming assistenten 2018

Afwijkende openingstijden rondom examens 2019

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De examens van 2019 worden op 23 november afgenomen Arnhem afgenomen. Het examenprogramma begint om 09:30. Zorg dat je om 09:15 aanwezig bent. Dan sta je op tijd klaar voor het begin van je examen. Tijdens het examen wordt ook les gegeven aan leerlingen die niet op examen gaan of moeten wachten op hun examen of de uitslag ervan. Het examenprogramma kan uitlopen tot 13:00 of zelfs 13:30. Houd daar voor die dag rekening mee in je agenda.

Omdat alle sifu’s jureren bij het examen, zullen lessen op andere locaties dan Arnhem niet doorgaan. Leerlingen van deze locaties zijn wel welkom in Arnhem. De volgende scholen zijn gesloten op 23 november:

  • Amsterdam Nieuw-West
  • Oosterbeek

Op 16 november 2019 is het lesrooster gewijzigd. De les vindt die dag plaats van 09:00 tot 11:00. Schrijf deze data goed in je agenda, zodat je niet voor verrassingen komt te staan.

Alle examenkandidaten heel veel succes gewenst!

blauwe zaal meervaart

Bonte Avond in De Meervaart demonstration program

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On Saturday December 22 and 29 we will be giving a short demonstration during the ‘Bonte Avond’ in ‘De Meervaart’ theatre in Amsterdam. In collaboration with Pieter Tiddens, Kung Fu School Golden Dragon and artistic talent from Amsterdam Nieuw-West have prepared a wonderful show. In addition to the kung fu demonstration, there will also be belly dancing, singing, magic, plays, poetry and aerial acrobatics to admire. The show will be guided by live music and there will be food and drinks to enjoy for everyone. Tickets can be bought from the website of theatre ‘De Meervaart’. The program kicks of at 19:30. Checkout the Golden Dragon YouTube channel to get an idea of what you can expect from out kung fu demonstrations.

The Golden Dragon demonstration group will consist of Jesse, Sybren, Arlin, Lai Jin, Max, Gwen, José, Laz, Rebecca and Sam for this occasion. The demonstration will be presented by Gwen. Rebecca and Sam will be taking pictures and recording video. The demonstration programming will be as follows.

  1. Broadsword ~ Jesse
  2. Combat with double short staffs versus long staff  ~ Lai Jin & Max
  3. Butterfly swords ~ Sybren
  4. Double short staff ~ Gwen, Laz, José
  5. Three-section staff ~ Max
  6. Combat open hand ~ Sybren & Arlin

In between the acts, Gwen will cite wisdoms from the Tao Te Ching.

Finally, some practical information for the demonstration group.

  • Sunday September 16 from 13:45 to 15:00 there will be a rehearsal in theatre ‘De Meervaart’.
  • Saturday September 22 there will be training from 10:00 to 12:00 as usual. After training we are going to have lunch together somewhere. The preparations at theatre ‘De Meervaart’ start at 16:00. Dinner will be served before the start of the ‘Bonte Avond’.
  • On Saturday September 29, things will go the same as on September 22.

Adjusted opening hours winter 2018-2019

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This winter some lessons will not continue because of the holidays.
The following classes will not continue:
Arnhem: Saturday, December 22nd, 29th,  Januari 5th
Oosterbeek: Saturday, December 22nd & December 29th
Elst: Tuesday December 25th & January 1st
Nijmegen: Wednesday December 26th & December 30th
Amsterdam West: Monday December 24th & December 31st

The lessons at Golden Dragon Nieuw-West (Sloterplas) will continue as planned during the winter season. Every saturday from 10 o’clock until 12 o’clock.

We wish you happy holidays!


Examen results 2018

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On Saturday November 24, 2018, the yearly kung fu exam took place in Arnhem. The following candidates have passed their exam.
























Lai Jin




In addition, Lai Jin, Thomas and Max have been promoted to assistant instructors of Golden Dragon.

Jesse has been promoted to sifu of Golden Dragon. As part of this promotion, the sifu is given a Chinese name by tradition. Jesse has been given the name Chen Yì Jūn (千義軍), meaning ‘passionate warrior’ of the Chen family.

kung fu examen

Exams 2018

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On Saturday November 24, 2018 from 10:00 to 13:00 it is time for kung fu exams again! The exams will take place in the school of sifu Chen San Fei in Arnhem-Noord. The address is Nicolaas Maesstraat 6 in Arnhem. The exam candidates have been notified about their candidacy by their teacher. As always, there will also be a regular class in the gym. The classes in Oosterbeek en Amsterdam are cancelled that day, because all instructors will judge the exams in Arnhem. The exams will be taken on the field outside behind the gym, regardless of weather conditions. So, be sure to wear clothing that is allowed to get muddy and bring an extra set of warm and dry clothing. Best of luck to all exam candidates!

kung fu examen

Exams 2018

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On Saturday November 24, 2018 from 10:00 to 13:00 there will be kung fu exams again! The exams will take place in the school of sifu Chen San Fei in Arnhem-Noord. The address is Nicolaas Maesstraat 6 in Arnhem. The exam candidates have been notified about their candidacy by their teacher. As usual, there will also be a regular class that day in Arnhem-Noord. The classes in Oosterbeek and Amsterdam are cancelled that day, because all instructors will be in Arnhem to judge the exams. The exam location is the field outside behind the gym, regardless of weather conditions. Be sure to bring an extra set of dry and warm clothing. Best of luck to all exam candidates!

sport en vrijetijdsmarkt 2018

Sport & Vrijetijdsmarkt Amsterdam 2018 program

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Kung Fu School Golden Dragon will give a demonstration on Saturday September 22 2018 at the Sport en Vrijetijdsmarkt  in Amsterdam Osdorp. The Sport & Vrijetijdsmarkt is part of the Souk & Co festival. This is a culture fair for all audiences where everyone can enjoy music, culture, sports and food.

Demonstrations are scheduled at the following times:

  • from 13:10 to 13:30
  • from 15:30 to 15:50

The demonstrations will take place on a stage at the southern bank of the Sloterplas, across De Meervaart theatre, in Amsterdam.

Kung Fu warriors from Golden Dragon kung fu schools around the country will show off their skills. The program consists of basic techniques, animal styles, long staff forms and neutralizing multiple attackers. Everyone is welcome to come and see the demonstration. In between demonstrations you can visit the Golden Dragon information stand. Instructors and students will gladly answer your questions about kung fu.

The Saturday morning training (22 September 2018; 10:00 tot 12:00) will be canceled due to the demonstration. The demonstration group is expected, however, at the Sloterstrand at 10:00 for the final preparations. All members are of course free to train until 12:00, but officially there is no class. The demonstration will be given regardless of the weather conditions.

Start season 2018/2019

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In September, training resumes in all Golden Dragon kung fu schools. Ordered by start date, the first lesson in September in each school is listed below:

Arnhem: September 1

Amsterdam Nieuw-West: September 1

Amsterdam West: September 3

Elst: September 4

Nijmegen: September 5

Oosterbeek: September 8

Please note that the lessons in Amsterdam West on Monday will start at 19:00 again. They will still end at 21:00. Training in Oosterbeek will commence in the second week of September due to the Airborne.

locatie nijmegen

Timetable and location changes Nijmegen & Amsterdam

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The Golden Dragon Kung Fu schools in Nijmegen en Amsterdam-West are moving to a new location! In Nijmegen, training will no longer be on Fridays, but (starting February 7th) on Wednesdays from 20:00 to 22:00 instead. The new address of the school in Nijmegen is

Zwaluwstraat 200 (gym B), 6541 NP Nijmegen

and the new address of the school in Amsterdam-West is

Jan Den Haenstraat 41, 1055 WC Amsterdam

See timetable page for more information.

locatie amsterdam

overdracht vaandel

Changes instructor team Amsterdam-West

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Due to circumstances at work, Jesse will not be able to continue teaching in Amsterdam on Monday evening for the remainder of the season. Sybren has been put in charge of the school. Sybren and Arlin will be teaching the classes in Amsterdam-West together. Jesse will continue teaching the classes at the Sloterplas on Saturday.

kung fu training winter 2017 sloterplas

Adjusted opening hours winter 2017

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Some classes will be cancelled for the holidays this winter. Any given week there will at least be one school open so your training does not have to be interrupted.

The following classes are cancelled:

  • Arnhem en Oosterbeek: December 23 & 30
  • Elst: December 26 & January 2
  • Nijmegen: December 29 & January 5
  • Amsterdam West: December 25 & January 1

Kung Fu School Golden Dragon Nieuw-West (Sloterplas) will be open every week during winter.

Chen Liu Djing

Golden Dragon Velp closed

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It is with deep dismay that we announce the closing of Golden Dragon Velp. Sifu Chen Liu Djing had been suffering from back injuries for quite a while. His injuries were limiting his teaching to such an extent that he decided to quit. Students from the school in Velp are invited to continue their kungfu training in one of the other schools.

stok oefening

Exams 2017

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We have been preparing for it for a while: the kung fu exams of 2017. On Saturday November 4th, the exams will be held at Golden Dragon Arnhem, on the field behind the gym on Nicolaas Maesstraat 6. The candidates have been notified by their sifu about their candidacy. From the entire region and even from Amsterdam, candidates will get together in Arnhem have their skills put to the test. The sifus from all Golden Dragon Kung Fu schools will be present to judge the exams. That means that the classes in Amsterdam and Oosterbeek will be cancelled on November 4th. Students who are not taking an exam are welcome to attend the class in Arnhem that day. During the exam there will also be an indoor training led by one of the assistant-instructors.

Demonstration and drinks on the Floor 17 rooftop

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After a successful 2016 we wanted to start off 2017 on a positive note. Louise had the great idea to get together for drinks at Floor 17 in Amsterdam. On the rooftop of Floor 17, in the dark, we gave a kung fu demonstration too. Before and after the demonstration we enjoyed drinks and snacks in the fireplace lounge of Floor 17. We had the most wonderful time. Cheers to a healthy and successful 2017!

Nieuwjaarsborrel Floor 17

Timetable winter Amsterdam

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In the Winter there are always a couple of holidays to take into account. Kung Fu School Golden Dragon Amsterdam is open all winter long, except for Monday December 26, 2016, the second day of Christmas. The outdoor training is on regardless of the weather. A training session may be cancelled in case of extreme weather conditions. An instructor will always visit the training ground to assess the situation there and then. If the instructor concludes that it is indeed to dangerous to train, the training will be cancelled. If the weather breaks unexpectedly the training will still continue.

Sat. 3-12-2016 training

Mon. 5-12-2016 training

Sat. 10-12-2016 training

Mon. 12-12-2016 training

Sat 시알리스 가격. 17-12-2016 training

Mon. 19-12-2016 training

Sat. 24-12-2016 training

Mon. 26-12-2016 training cancelled

Sat. 31-12-2016 training

Mon. 02-01-2017 training

Photoshoot with Brian Kersbergen

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Donation for Hotel Buiten

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Just over a week ago Kung Fu School Golden Dragon Amsterdam started a fundraiser for Hotel Buiten. Our members have pitched in for the amount of €101! Another €149 was added from the club’s treasure chest, which is filled by all of our members, so everybody contributed. We ended up with a total amount of €250 that has been donated to Hotel Buiten.

Already 57% of Hotel Buiten’s crowdfunding campaign goal has been achieved. At this rate they should be able to make it by the end of this year. We wish Hotel Buiten the best of luck with the rest of the crowdfunding campaign.

Would you also like to invest in Hotel Buiten, the most exciting outdoor spot in Amsterdam, the green place to be? Then visit their crowdfunding page and donate or invest any amount. Many nice rewards have been linked to different amounts you can invest. For instance, we chose for a bar stool with our club’s name on it, so we can get our own place in the heart of Hotel Buiten. How cool is that?!


Potje voor Hotel Buiten

Fundraiser for Hotel Buiten

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Hotel Buiten is situated on the north-west side of the Sloterplas in Amsterdam. Hotel Buiten started out in 2012 and is now well-known in Amsterdam. In the Spring of 2017 Hotel Buiten will open a new Cafe Restaurant to replace the current building. The new building was designed in close collaboration with the local community. It will become a meeting place where everyone is welcome, a cosy spot close to nature where you can enjoy cultural activities and food and drinks from sustainable sources. Basically, it will become what Hotel Buiten already represents, just with better facilities, room for creative activities, a roof terrace and a kitchen garden.


Kung Fu School Golden Dragon supports Hotel Buiten wholeheartedly. Therefore we want to help Hotel Buiten achieve their crowdfunding goal by means of a donation. We are holding a fundraiser among our members and we will also use part of Kung Fu School Golden Dragon Amsterdam contribution to collect enough funds for a donation.

We are wishing Hotel Buiten the best of luck during the financing phase and of course during the build. We are confident that it will turn out to be a great success and cannot wait to see the renewed Hotel Buiten. Would you also like to support Hotel Buiten? Visit this crowdfunding website and make a donation or invest with a loan. Be quick, though, because the crowdfunding goal has almost been achieved!