Exams 2018

By november 15, 2018 Exams
kung fu examen

On Saturday November 24, 2018 from 10:00 to 13:00 it is time for kung fu exams again! The exams will take place in the school of sifu Chen San Fei in Arnhem-Noord. The address is Nicolaas Maesstraat 6 in Arnhem. The exam candidates have been notified about their candidacy by their teacher. As always, there will also be a regular class in the gym. The classes in Oosterbeek en Amsterdam are cancelled that day, because all instructors will judge the exams in Arnhem. The exams will be taken on the field outside behind the gym, regardless of weather conditions. So, be sure to wear clothing that is allowed to get muddy and bring an extra set of warm and dry clothing. Best of luck to all exam candidates!