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Welcome to Kung Fu School Golden Dragon


Everybody is welcome to join our training. Students of all ages, genders and fitness levels train together to fulfill their own potential.


Our main goal is to transfer of kung fu knowledge, as our masters transferred their knowledge to us. The monthly contribution is €20.


Chin Lung Chuan Shu comprises both hard and soft styles. We practice five animal style kung fu, weapon techniques, chi kung and much more.


Kung Fu School Golden Dragon has seven schools across The Netherlands.



The late Grandmaster Chen founded Kung Fu School Golden Dragon in The Netherlands back in the year 1970. He was trained in Indonesia and studied several styles of Kung Fu.


Kung Fu is rooted in Buddhism. Our doctrine is strongly influenced by Taoist principles.

Code of honor

Our code of honor: Humanity, Justice, Trust and Friendship, Courtesy, Kindness, Prudence, Loyalty, Honor, Courage.


Kung Fu is about striving to fulfill one’s own potential. Personal training goals are set for each student individually.


Kung Fu School Golden Dragon can be booked for a demonstration. Request booking information via the contact page or read our blog to learn more about previous and upcoming events.


It is also possible to book us for an interactive Kung Fu workshop as a part of a sports event, team building or school program. Contact us for more information.

Learn the ancient art of self-defense

As long as we are focused on positive goals, our lives will never be desolate

Si Tai Gun Chen Chung Li

When you go fishing, you have to bring a fishing rod

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