Exams 2017

By oktober 28, 2017 Announcements, Exams
stok oefening

We have been preparing for it for a while: the kung fu exams of 2017. On Saturday November 4th, the exams will be held at Golden Dragon Arnhem, on the field behind the gym on Nicolaas Maesstraat 6. The candidates have been notified by their sifu about their candidacy. From the entire region and even from Amsterdam, candidates will get together in Arnhem have their skills put to the test. The sifus from all Golden Dragon Kung Fu schools will be present to judge the exams. That means that the classes in Amsterdam and Oosterbeek will be cancelled on November 4th. Students who are not taking an exam are welcome to attend the class in Arnhem that day. During the exam there will also be an indoor training led by one of the assistant-instructors.