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Kung Fu School Golden Dragon comprises six schools across The Netherlands counting a total of more than 50 students. Everybody knows each other, because we frequently organize combined training sessions and social activities. The same kung fu style is practised in every school. This makes it easy to join another Golden Dragon school for extra training or in case you moved to a different part of the country. The monthly membership fee is only €17 per month and if you start your training in Amsterdam, you can train on two different locations. So, twice a week for the same price. After passing for the entry level exam, you will be allowed to train in all Golden Dragon schools for no extra charge. The only thing you have to take care of is the standard outfit. Extensions of the outfit like belts, as well as other training material, will be provided by the organization. Again, free of any additional charge. The purchase and use of weapons is at cost of the student and always upon approval or directions of your sifu.

Signing up

Become an official member of Kung Fu School Golden Dragon by filling in the subscription form. You can take a free trial lesson first. Sign up for a free trial lesson on the contact page. Everybody below the age of 18 years, please ask your parents’ permission first. You have to be at least 7 years old to join Golden Dragon.


The monthly contribution is €17. The amount must be transferred monthly to bank account NL95SNSB0820446564 in the name of Kung Fu School Golden Dragon. In Amsterdam, members can train twice a week. After passing the beginners exam, all members are allowed to train in all Golden Dragon schools, unless the instructor indicates otherwise. This does not cost any extra.

Signing out

You can leave Golden Dragon at any time. Please notify us on black and white, by e-mail for example. You will still be charged the full monthly fee for the month you sign out in, regardless of signing out at the start or end of the month.


The sifus can schedule exams at any time. The exams usually take place in Arnhem. There are no costs associated with taking an exam. The belts are provided by the organization for students who pass their exam.


The standard outfit consists of

  • kung fu shoes with a cotton sole, for sale at most tokos,
  • matte black pants, without stripes, labels and the like,
  • een plain t-shirt
    • white for men
    • black for women

All members are responsible for bringing their own outfit. It is not provided by the organization.
It is not allowed to wear jewelry during training.
For outdoor training, sneakers that may get dirty are recommended. In cold temperatures, it is allowed to wear extra layers of shirts, sweaters and a jacket over the standard outfit.


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