Over Kung Fu School Golden Dragon

De geschiedenis en filosofische achtergrond van onze kung fu stijl

The History and Philosophy of Kung Fu School Golden Dragon


The journey of Grandmaster Chen

Kung Fu School Golden Dragon exists in The Netherlands since 1970. The founder of the Golden Dragon Kung Fu method is the late Grandmaster Chen. When he was nine years old, our master started his Kung Fu training in Indonesia. He was trained in a range of different styles. In the 1960s he migrated to The Netherlands with his family. In the city of Veenendaal he started transferring his knowledge. Since then, his Kung Fu style has become well-known across the country and and even spread across the border to Belgium.

Grandmaster Chen called his martial art the method of Golden Dragon: ‘Chin Lung Chuan Shu‘, which translates to ‘Golden Dragon Boxing Art‘. His philosophical idea behind this style is “to engage in battle with a true heart”, which boils down to “living life noble-mindedly”. The Chin Lung Chuan Shu comprises soft and hard Kung Fu styles. The hard path consists of improving physical strength, while the soft path is focussed on comeliness and agility. Both ways are essential to the eventual balance.

The Standard-bearers now continue to spread his Kung Fu style and philosophy.

Chen San Fei – Golden Dragon Arnhem

Chen Lao Tek – Golden Dragon Elst

Chen Xiao Tung – Golden Dragon Oosterbeek

Sije Lai Jin – Golden Dragon Nijmegen

Sihing Max – Golden Dragon Amsterdam

Sihing Sybren – Golden Dragon De Bilt


Si Tai Gung Chen Chung Li

Oprichter van Kung Fu School Golden Dragon


Chen San Fei

Hoofd van de Vereniging


Chen Lao Tek

Golden Dragon Elst


Chen Xiao Tung

Golden Dragon


Chen Mei Ling

Golden Dragon


Chen Fong Wong

Golden Dragon Nijmegen


Chen Maang Sing

Golden Dragon Amsterdam


Chen Han Yie

Golden Dragon Nijmegen-Oost


Harmonizing the mind and the body

Kung Fu comprises a plethora of techniques and exists in a range of styles. Some techniques are gracious and elegant, others are sharp, swift, short and direct. With a few exceptions, most styles have in common a strong emphasis on posture. Specifically the feet, legs, torso and head must align correctly to ensure proper execution of any technique. Kung Fu has a variety of methods for strengthening the body, developing combativeness, increasing mental and physical endurance, mastering weapons and defending oneself against one or more opponents.

Practicing Kung Fu is not just about striving to perfect one’s fighting skills, but, even more so, it is about developing one’s character. Kung Fu should not be considered an exhilarating experience. It is about increasing awareness of all aspects of your everyday life, your interactions with the environment and the feelings of others. Rigid tree branches are destined to break off. The softer, more vulnerable branches are the most viable. Discipline and controlling the mind are required for the mind to operate in a goal-directed fashion.

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